Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Penny's first week home

Penny is currently 1 week and 2 days old.  She has been in her home for 5 days.  Upon arriving at home, her kitties sniffed her and then ignored her, her Hunter sniffed her and then ignored her, her Roxie growled and barked at her.  By that afternoon, we had a dog trainer in the house and Roxie has since been disabused of the notion that Penny is growl-worthy.  Currently, Roxie is the only animal that actually shows concern if Penny is crying.  Go figure!  The animals definitely missed Mommy - but the dogs did give her the royal sniff down to check if I cheated on them.

From 2010-10-04

Sophie has had a few opportunities to hold her baby sister and seems to really delight in it.  She also has "read" Penny a few stories.  I think she can't wait until Penny is old enough to actually play with.

From 2010-10-04

From 2010-10-04

Sophie is adjusting well to the new baby in the house except she is very tired.  Penny is a bit fussy and especially so at night, so Sophie suffered through it the first few days.  She seemed less tired yesterday, so we hope that our various devices for keeping Penny quieter plus Sophie's room more sound-proofed are working.

From 2010-10-04

Penny had her first post-hospital pediatrician appointment on Monday.  Her stats were:
weight: 7 pounds 5.5 ounces (she lost some weight since birth...we've been slowly getting it back on her)
length: 20.5 inches
head circumferences: 35.5 centimeters

So, she's almost the same as the day she was born.

Fun facts about Penny:
-she smells like flowers (Sophie smelled like cookies);
-her feet are fairly ticklish (Sophie had ticklish cheeks and a neck);
-she likes to suck her fingers and fist (this is just like Sophie);
-she sleeps through most noises (Sophie was a fairly light sleeper);
-she has a super intense stare (she shares this also with Sophie).

From 2010-10-04
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