Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Gratulation

Sophie experienced a couple of firsts these last two weeks. First, she made her first fort (with help from Daddy). She was very proud of her fort and Roxie enjoyed it for a while too. She now makes a fort a few times a week
We also started going back to the big park this week, now that the weather is nice. Sometimes, after work, Mommy will take Sophie to the park to play for about an hour. Lots of the kids get ice pops afterwards at a local convenience store, so Sophie got one too. It was her first ice pop and she loved it!
Sophie also got to go with Mommy to her first high school graduation (which she called a "gratulations"). Mommy went to go watch her seniors graduate from high school. Sophie had lots of fun, although she was shy of all of Mommy's students. The fun part was provided by the little girl of one of Mommy's colleagues. Suffice to say, playdates will likely follow this summer.
Finally, Sophie got her first fully styled haircut last weekend! She had been asking for her hair to be cut short for weeks. Mommy noticed that she needed a trim, so she took Sophie into Mommy's salon. Sophie, once again, said she wanted it short, so 8 inchs and a bit of layering later, Sophie has a very trendy and new 'do. She especially liked the part at the end where she was given a lolly-pop for being so good.
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