Sunday, May 16, 2010

April and early May, 2010

Sophie has had a really good month. At the start of the month, Mommy, Daddy and Sophie all went to go see Curious George Live. This was a musical spectacle where George had to help save Chef Pisghetti's famous meatballs! Sophie loved every moment of it, especially the popcorn...Mommy had to buy two boxes of it!

The following weekend was Mother's Day. Mommy wanted to go to Kimball's Farm to get some fried seafood. Daddy and Sophie were more than happy to oblige and Sophie got her first Kimball's ice cream of the season! Suffice to say, she thought that was one of the best lunches ever! Mommy and Daddy also found out earlier in the weekend (Friday at 2:00 pm, to be exact), that baby number two, code name: Bugaboo, is in fact, another little girl. Sophie is very excited about this as she has been wanting a little girl baby in the house for about a year now.

Finally, this weekend, Sophie got to go to the birthday party of her friend, Giovanni. It was held at a gymnastics complex with lots of blow-up bouncy houses. She greatly enjoyed them as well as the foam square pit. Mommy had to go into and out of the various contraptions as well, which made for an interesting time since climbing out of a pit can be difficult when you are 5 months pregnant. Today, Sophie will go to the zoo. I am sure pics will follow!

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